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Friday, October 26, 2012

Do We Have Your Correct Phone #?

Yesterday,. we sent out a mass message to inform parents about the lockdown.  Some parents came in today to inform us that they didn't receive the message.

The system  calls and leaves a message on your home phone.  If you prefer us to call your cell phone, please let us know; we will make the change.

Although the system has the capability to leave a text message, we opted not to use this feature since users may be charged for each text or parents may not use text messaging.

The lockdown yesterday provided us with an opportunity to improve our procedures.  Our staff has provided some good suggestions which we will implement in the future.  Hopefully, it'll be a drill and not a real lockdown.

We appreciate all the positive comments on Facebook about how our staff responded to this situation and kept the students calm and safe!  We'd also like to thank the parents who were patient and trusted us with their children.

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