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Thursday, August 30, 2012

9/1 - 9/7

No Pets on Campus
Dear Parents;  On page 26 of the Hale Kula Parent-Teacher Handbook, we request that you do not walk your pets on school grounds.  This also applies to bringing all sorts of other pets to the Hale Kula campus.   Please refrain from bringing any pet to school unless previous permission has been granted by your child's teacher.  We appreciate you cooperation in this regard.  Sincerely,  Agnes Leinau, Vice Principal  

Pass the Torch of Reading
We have posted the torches in 2 large areas around campus. But couldn’t hang them all yet.  Now the class that is in the lead is B2, Ms. Florexil’s class. Class contest lasts until Sept. 13. Each $1.00 donated should be accompanied by a colored and cut out torch.
Sat. & Sun Sept. 1 & 2   Okinawan Festival in Kapiolani Park from 9am – 5pm. Check out a unique cultures food, games, dress, crafts, activities and more.

Mon. Sept. 3       NO SCHOOL – Happy Labor Day

Tues. Sept. 4       Book Fair Previews all week in the Library –Each class visits to make wish list
                      Treats for teachers after school – thanks to parents for snacks brought in

Wed. Sept. 5       Wear your Hale Kula T shirt to show your school spirit

Thurs. Sept. 6      Author Margo Sorenson visits and all Kindergarten Parents are invited 8-9:15 to the cafeteria. This is a great opportunity for kindergarten parents to work with their child on a creative project together. Remember to bring a picture of your child.

Fri. Sept. 7         Chaperone Training at 8:00 am in P14
                      4th Grade Field Trip to Bishop Museum
                      After school today the Book Fair is open in the Library for sales

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Reminders

Remember, school is out at 12:45 every day this week. Please be on time to pick up your child and also on time for your Parent Teacher Conference

Some quick reminders about opportunities to work with your child to create something wonderful (including memories)

"Olympic All Star Card" family contest. 
We look forward to seeing all the cards that families have made highlighting famous Olympians.  Remember the cards should be no larger than 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 front and back (similar to baseball card or pokemon card format) Your card should have a picture of your Olympian and include: Sport, country, medals won & other achievements and any other interesting information that you learn in your research.  Entry form and rubric are available in the Library. They must be turned into the Library by Friday, August 31 at 8am to qualify for judging.   All cards will be on display in the All Star Book Fair Sept. 10 - 14 and winning families will receive gift certificates to the Book Fair.

Kindergarten Parents
Please join your kindergartener in creating a memory book on Sept. 6 from 8am - 9:15 in the cafeteria.  Bring a picture of your child that day to include in the book. Author Margo Sorenson will be here to read her story and discuss her writing process.  Every kindergarten class will come to the cafeteria and we hope many parents arrive to work with their child. If you are unable to attend, then send a picture of your child with them to school on the 6th so that they can use it to make the book.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/27 - 8/31

 School is out at 12:45 all next week for Parent Teacher Conferences

Want to Play?
Looking for parents willing to play a friendly game of volleyball against the teachers on Sept. 14 at our All Star Family Event (look for flier in Wed. envelope).  The game will take place at 5pm. If you are interested in being part of the team, then please email

Tell a friend
If you are receiving Hale Kula Highlights weekly and appreciating the information included, then tell a friend. They can enter their email and start receiving emails direct. Forward this to them, they can click here 


Mon. Aug. 27      School’s out at 12:45 all week

Tues. Aug. 28      School’s out at 12:45 - Conferences last 15 minutes, please be on time

Wed. Aug. 29      School’s out at 12:45
                      1st  Grade Field Trip to Honolulu Theater for Youth

Thurs. Aug. 30     School’s out at 12:45
                      Boxtop 4 Education & Tyson & Campbells Pick up from classrooms

Fri. Aug. 31         School’s out at 12:45
                      Chaperone Training in P14 at 8:00 am. Last day to update your training to enter contest to win a $10.00 Wal-Mart Gift card
                      Dominos pizza for dinner- order from the Dominos on post & Hale Kula profits

Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/20 - 8/24

                 New shipment of school T shirts has arrived in P14. 
                        All sizes are now available, $10.00 each

Pass the Torch of Reading
Previous years this was 1 for books. We have given it an Olympic theme but the program is the same. Every $1.00 donated is matched by Scholastic and used to purchase books for worthwhile causes and books for our classrooms.  We have created a class contest to encourage teamwork and class pride.  The class that raises the most money by Sept. 13 will get extra classroom books and teachers will be presented with gold, silver or bronze medals.  Every $1.00 should be accompanied by a torch that has been colored and cut out. Extra torch papers are in P14 and in the library. Teachers have an envelope in class to collect these. So far the class that’s ahead is G1, Mrs. Masumoto, can your class overtake them?

FilCom Center’s Children’s Choir
Open auditions for boys and girls ages 8 to 12 on Fridays and Mondays from 3pm – 5pm.  Choir conductor is Mr. Rafael ‘Pike’ Velasco. Location is FilCom Center at 94-428 Mokuola St. Suite 302 in Waipahu. They are looking for boys and girls who are enthusiastic about singing, have a cheerful personality and mature enough to accept the discipline required at rehearsals. For more information call 808-680-0451 or email

Mon. Aug. 20       2nd Grade Field Trip to Honolulu Theater for Youth
                      School Community Council meeting 3:00 pm in the library

Tues. Aug. 21       Jamba Juice & Book Swap - $2.25 for 8oz smoothie. 
                               Exchange your old books for different books.

Wed. Aug. 22      Every Wednesday show school spirit & wear a Hale Kula shirt
                      Library & Book Fair Volunteer Meeting in library 8am – 9am
                             Learn about & sign up for volunteer opportunities,
                             meet other parents, enjoy tasty snacks

Thurs. Aug. 23     Chaperone Training in P14 at 8:00am
                      Copy Training at 8:30 in P14 and D4 (sorry no kids)

Fri. Aug. 24        Friday School Store open in P14 after school. 
                          Nothing over $1.00

Parking Woes

We have had quite a bit of discussion on our school Facebook page about parking.  It started with a message to Principal Iwase with photos of cars double parking in the lot, making it impossible for other cars to leave.  After a number of days reviewing and evaluating the situation, DPW was consulted and they came out to make some modifications to the parking lot which will hopefully remedy the situation.

The other issue concerned cars parked on the grass right outside the school on Ayres Avenue even if there are "No Parking" signs posted on the fence.  We are working with DPW and the School Liaison Office to come up with a solution for that problem.  Safety is a primary concern because families, especially those with baby strollers, are being forced onto the road when cars block the walkway.

We ask for courtesy and mutual respect from our families and staff.  The school parking lot is reserved for staff members until 8:15 a.m. to ensure that teachers get to their classrooms on time to open the doors for their students. The parking lot on Ayres Avenue near McNair Gate as well as the lot by the Soldiers Assist Center are available for parents.  We also have a drop off lane in the morning; we ask that parents who are dropping off students only use this lane which goes directly past the cafeteria and the office.  We try to have a staff member out there to open car doors so that students can exit their cars quickly.  Please do not use the middle lane to drop students off; we have had near-misses with students who are trying to cross the lane and cars coming through while dropping off children.

Finally, please be considerate of others and do not double park behind other cars.  I would be upset if I needed to leave only to be blocked in by another car, and I'm sure you would be, too.  We have lost some parking spaces due to the construction of the security fence along Ayres Avenue so we suggest getting an earlier start, walking or biking to school.

Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation and mutual respect!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

8/13 - 8/17

Library Volunteers Needed
Want to get involved, meet people and learn more about your child's learning opportunities?Volunteer at the Hale Kula Library!  Even 1 hour a week would be a huge help to us.  Please complete this form if you have some time to volunteer!  

Taking Care of Library Books
Just a friendly reminder, that library books went home with many students this week.  The students are so excited to read their books!  Please help them be responsible readers and community contributors so that all students might enjoy the library books:
1.  Keep books in a safe place at home, away from pets and toddlers.
2.  Do not eat or drink near books.
3.  Do not write in books.
4.  Turn pages at the top.
5.  Place library books inside the backpack and water bottles on the outside.
6.  Return books before 8:30 am.

Book Fair Volunteers Needed
The Book Fair will run Sept. 4-14.  If you have some time to volunteer during those two weeks, please complete this form and be a part of this fun time! 

Honolulu Boy Choir
The Honolulu Boy Choir is an island tradition serving the community since 1974.  They are once again holding open auditions for boys interested in becoming members. Auditions are scheduled by appointment only throughout the months of August & September.  Membership is free. No prior singing experience is required.  Looking for boys ages 7 through 12 with the ability to match pitch and sing with a high clear voice. They also need a genuine desire to be a part of the world-renowned Choir with a cheerful outgoing personality and a great smile. Call 596- sing (7464) or


Mon. Aug. 13              Chaperone Training in P14 at 10:00 am

Tues. Aug. 14       Super Scout Recruitment 4pm – 7pm at the Scout Hut
              (by ACS and the Thrift Store) – Sign up for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts

Wed. Aug. 15       Kindergarten Field Trip to Honolulu Theater for Youth

Thurs. Aug. 16      Copy Training at 8:00 am in P14 and then we will walk to D4 (sorry no kids)

                      3rd grade Field Trip to Honolulu Theater for Youth  

Fri. Aug. 17         NO SCHOOL –Admissions Day – Celebrate Hawai’i becoming the 50th state

Friday, August 3, 2012

Department of Corrections

A few mistakes in yesterdays notes.

1. 5th Grade does not have a field trip this month but 1st grade does

2. Olympic Track and Field starts tonight (not next week)

3. Sorry about that, have a great week end.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/6 - 8/10

Question: What do kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade have in common?
Answer: They all have field trips to HTY this month. 
There are not usually so many field trips in August.  Every grade level needs trained Chaperones to accompany the class.  If you took Chaperone training last year, then stop by P14 anytime to update your child’s current classroom.  Chaperone training for new parents is offered once a week and lasts 30 minutes. Taking the class now covers you for the entire year. And if you update or take the class this month, you are entered to win a fabulous prize. So what are you waiting for?

FYI There will not be a Friday store in P14 until August 24. The PTO is waiting until everyone has fully started school before opening.

When I watch the Olympics, I’m proud to be an American. I realize that everyone does not share my fascination with the Olympics. But to see the best athletes in the world competing in so many different sports is awesome. There are many life lessons to be learned by watching: do your best, push yourself hard and you can achieve amazing things, following rules is crucial, pride in doing a great job is magnified when your are representing your country. There are 10 more days of competition and track & field starts next week.  So sit down with the kids and watch a sport you’ve never seen before. Remember it only happens every 4 years, how will your kids have changed before the next summer Olympics?  (By Ellen Petry)

Mon. Aug. 6        Schools out at 2:10 every day except Wednesdays out at 1:30

Tues. Aug. 7        Copy Training at 8:00am come to P14 and we will walk to D4 (sorry no kids)

Wed. Aug. 8        Chaperone Training in P14 at 8am

Thurs. Aug. 9      School starts at 7:55 every day

Fri. Aug. 10         Kindergarten- 1st day the entire class comes for instruction