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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Congratulations to our HKES Volunteer and Staff for the 4th Quarter!

We appreciate everyone for nominating staff and volunteers who have made a difference at Hale Kula this school year!  We are grateful for all those who have gone and above to help out our Hale Kula school community!  We are requesting funding from the PTO to continue this program next school year.

The 4th quarter volunteer selected randomly is Jennifer Calhoun.  We see Mrs. Calhoun around the school all the time, either volunteering in her children's class or collecting Boxtops for Education.

The 4th quarter staff members selected randomly is Ted Enoki, the PE teacher for grades K-2. Mr. Enoki helps out in many different ways to assist at school-wide functions and is always pleasant and more-than-willing to help out when he is asked.

Winners this quarter will be receiving a $50 gift card for The Cattle Company.

Thank you to everyone who was nominated this year!  You are truly appreciated at Hale Kula!