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Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/6 - 8/10

Question: What do kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade have in common?
Answer: They all have field trips to HTY this month. 
There are not usually so many field trips in August.  Every grade level needs trained Chaperones to accompany the class.  If you took Chaperone training last year, then stop by P14 anytime to update your child’s current classroom.  Chaperone training for new parents is offered once a week and lasts 30 minutes. Taking the class now covers you for the entire year. And if you update or take the class this month, you are entered to win a fabulous prize. So what are you waiting for?

FYI There will not be a Friday store in P14 until August 24. The PTO is waiting until everyone has fully started school before opening.

When I watch the Olympics, I’m proud to be an American. I realize that everyone does not share my fascination with the Olympics. But to see the best athletes in the world competing in so many different sports is awesome. There are many life lessons to be learned by watching: do your best, push yourself hard and you can achieve amazing things, following rules is crucial, pride in doing a great job is magnified when your are representing your country. There are 10 more days of competition and track & field starts next week.  So sit down with the kids and watch a sport you’ve never seen before. Remember it only happens every 4 years, how will your kids have changed before the next summer Olympics?  (By Ellen Petry)

Mon. Aug. 6        Schools out at 2:10 every day except Wednesdays out at 1:30

Tues. Aug. 7        Copy Training at 8:00am come to P14 and we will walk to D4 (sorry no kids)

Wed. Aug. 8        Chaperone Training in P14 at 8am

Thurs. Aug. 9      School starts at 7:55 every day

Fri. Aug. 10         Kindergarten- 1st day the entire class comes for instruction

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  1. I love watching the Olympics, too, especially all the events we never see. My favorite is gymnastics, and I really enjoyed watching the girls. By the way, someone pointed out on Facebook that Gabby Douglas' last name is an anagram for USA Gold. Pretty neat, huh?


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