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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Parking Woes

We have had quite a bit of discussion on our school Facebook page about parking.  It started with a message to Principal Iwase with photos of cars double parking in the lot, making it impossible for other cars to leave.  After a number of days reviewing and evaluating the situation, DPW was consulted and they came out to make some modifications to the parking lot which will hopefully remedy the situation.

The other issue concerned cars parked on the grass right outside the school on Ayres Avenue even if there are "No Parking" signs posted on the fence.  We are working with DPW and the School Liaison Office to come up with a solution for that problem.  Safety is a primary concern because families, especially those with baby strollers, are being forced onto the road when cars block the walkway.

We ask for courtesy and mutual respect from our families and staff.  The school parking lot is reserved for staff members until 8:15 a.m. to ensure that teachers get to their classrooms on time to open the doors for their students. The parking lot on Ayres Avenue near McNair Gate as well as the lot by the Soldiers Assist Center are available for parents.  We also have a drop off lane in the morning; we ask that parents who are dropping off students only use this lane which goes directly past the cafeteria and the office.  We try to have a staff member out there to open car doors so that students can exit their cars quickly.  Please do not use the middle lane to drop students off; we have had near-misses with students who are trying to cross the lane and cars coming through while dropping off children.

Finally, please be considerate of others and do not double park behind other cars.  I would be upset if I needed to leave only to be blocked in by another car, and I'm sure you would be, too.  We have lost some parking spaces due to the construction of the security fence along Ayres Avenue so we suggest getting an earlier start, walking or biking to school.

Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation and mutual respect!

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