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Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's a Maze!

Due to the upcoming demolition of the old office and library buildings as well as the construction of a dining pavilion, getting around campus is a maze!  We know that we will walk many more steps each day, getting from one side of campus to the other.  For now and the next couple of years, we are implementing some safety rules.

In the morning, please do not walk through the parking lot to get from the administration building to the cafeteria or waiting area.  It is really not safe with cars and buses dropping off students in the drop-off lane and exiting in a quick, orderly manner.  We will have adults opening doors to make the process go faster. We suggest using two entry points to get to the classrooms:  1) through the cafeteria and 2) past the new administration building.  Those routes will get you to the different classroom areas.  We have posted signs pointing out the way to the office.  We will put up additional signs for the cafeteria as well as different buildings.

In the afternoons, students will be sitting on benches by the flagpole while they wait for their parents to come through after the buses leave.  The area will be supervised.  If you plan to pick up your child after school by using the pick-up lane, please remember that we keep the parking lot gate closed until the buses leave (about 10 minutes).  After that, we will allow cars through.  It is important that your child knows where he/she should meet you.  If no one picks up a student after 15 minutes, he/she will be escorted to the office and parents will be contacted.  Students will wait there until a parent or approved contact person picks up the child.

We will have a military presence for the next month or so.  We can certainly use their support!

We appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.  Your child's safety is our primary concern.

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