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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Classroom Happenings at Hale Kula

I often wonder if parents know how much learning is going on in our classrooms.  I've been taking some photos as I go into classrooms to do observations.  Periodically, I'll post some photos and describe what they are.
 Fifth graders chose an Enrichment Club they wanted to belong to; clubs meet on selected Fridays each month.  Students learned about optical illusions in their Grade 5 Art Enrichment class. 
The Gardening Club is a hands-on opportunity
for students to learn about organic gardening and to raise vegetables, herbs, and colorful flowers.
The fifth grade Coding Club are meeting in groups to create an educational game in Scratch.
Fifth graders were able to plant koa seeds to replenish our native forests.  Once the seedlings grow a little bigger, they will be transplanted until they're ready to be taken to the forest for replanting. 
Fourth graders are working with Hawaiian Studies teacher, Kumu Selena, to make ipu, a rhythmic instrument used in many hula.  Ipu are made from gourds and the seeds must be removed before the gourd is ready to be cleaned and polished.  
A second grade class read "Watermelon Days" and then completed this art project, learning about "overlapping."  They incorporated writing into this assignment.  The colors are so vibrant, and the students were quality producers!
Some of our classrooms are participating in a project, called "Water Challenge." Students are making beads which will be turned in to buy clean water for villages in Tanzania. 
As part of 2nd grade's Resource Day, students learned about exercise and fitness and danced to gonoodle music videos. Healthy kids = happy kids!

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