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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Great News!

Thanks to Librarian, Michelle Colte, our school will be participating in a global event called Hour of Code.  If you're not familiar with coding, you're in for a treat!  Students have begun learning about coding in the library, and yesterday, some first graders were so excited to show me what they've learned.

Hour of Code week is December 9-13, and every class will have an opportunity to participate in the fun and challenging coding activities in the library or in the classroom.  We will have soldiers from our partner unit, HHBN 25th ID, helping us (like they did for the Cardboard Challenge earlier this school year). Be ready for an exciting week!!

And now, I've saved the best news for last!!  Of all the public schools in Hawaii that signed up to participate in Hour of Code, Hale Kula was selected to receive $10,000 worth of technology and resources!!  Appreciations to Mrs. Colte for having the foresight to sign up all of us to participate!

Because we received this award, we have been asked to invite the media as well as dignitaries to our school for a special event.  We have just begun planning the event, and we will definitely keep you all in the loop.

What an exciting opportunity for our school to share with others across the State!

For more information, check out the Hour of Code link on the Library link on school webpage at

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