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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Announcements - October 30

Families had a great time at tonight's BYOP event!  Thank you to Parent Coordinator Ellen Petry for the idea and for coordinating the volunteers!

On Monday, October 28, Garrison Commander Whitney and SM Regalbuti attended our School Community Council meeting to address concerns I brought up at the Army School Planning Committee meeting earlier this month.  Our primary issue was safety, and we were told to call the MP office if we have concerns, specifically the following:

  • Cars are not obeying traffic signs, including disregarding the JPOs who are on duty in the mornings and afternoons There are several near-misses each week because drivers or pedestrians are not being mutually respectful of our student JPOs.
  • Cars are parked illegally on the sidewalk in front of the school parking lot where there are No Parking signs along the sidewalk.
  • Children under the age of 10 walking to and from school without adult supervision.
Please do  not put us in the situation of having to call MPs because our parents are not following base or school rules.  We ask that you respect the rules which are intended to keep our students safe.  

Thank you,
Jan Iwase

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