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Saturday, August 24, 2013

8/26 - 8/30

1st grade children at recess like to color. Asking for donations of gently used coloring books or chalk. You can send it to P6.

The Department of Education has a wellness policy which stresses physical activity and healthy eating.  Schools are discouraged from serving or selling foods that have little nutritional value and contribute to obesity or other health-related conditions.  This year, we are requesting that class parties serve healthy refreshments and that birthdays be celebrated without cupcakes or other sweets. If parents would like to celebrate a child's birthday, please check with your child's teacher. He/She can suggest other ways to celebrate such as donating a book or game to the class.  These items will be enjoyed by the students long after your child's birthday. Please help us comply with the Department health and wellness guidelines.

Visitors on Campus
Other than the 15 minutes when dropping off students and the 15 minutes around picking up students, we do request that visitors on campus, including parents, sign in at the main school office and pick up a visitor's pass.  This is a security issue; we need to know that all adults on campus have a valid reason for being here.  We greatly appreciate your kokua (cooperation/assistance).

Dogs on Campus.
Please refrain from bringing dogs &/or other pets on campus as we have a rather large number of individuals that are allergic to animal fur/dander and very young children often can't resist the impulse to want to pet an animal that might make them sick.  Thank you for your continued kokua
Mon. Aug. 26       School Community Council hosts a Facebook Town Hall Meeting to discuss ways to improve teaching and learning at Hale Kula.   6:00-7:00 p.m.  Anyone can join our virtual meeting (we opened it to the public).  Go to our Hale Kula Eagles FB page and go to "More" and click on "Events."  Sign up to join our meeting.

Tues. Aug. 27      Jamba Juice buy 8oz smoothies for $2.25. & Book Swap for kids books after school behind the cafeteria

Wed. Aug. 28      PTO Fundraising idea meeting in P14 at 8:00am
                      Show your school spirit by wearing your Hale Kula T shirt every Wed.
                      School is out at 1:10 every Wednesday

Thurs. Aug. 29     Dominos Fundraiser– order from the Dominos on post all day long - We get $

Fri. Aug. 30        Chaperone Training at 8:00am in P14 (toddlers are fine at this training)
                      Copy Training at 8:30am in P14 and then we will go to D4 – no kids allowed
                      There will be concrete trucks in the school parking lot from about 9:00-11:30
                      Every Friday School Store in P14 afterschool – Nothing over $1.00
                      Last day to update your Chaperone Training for chance to win prize

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