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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good News!

We just received a letter re. funding approval for our re-building, renovation project which will begin in the summer of 2013.  This project is being funded by the Department o Defense (80%) and the State of Hawaii (20%) and will include a new administrative building, library/tech center and student center building, a 10-classroom building, a covered playcourt, and other necessary improvements to our 53 year-old buildings.

This will be a 3-4 year project which will be an inconvenience for  us.  However, when the project is completed, we will have a "new" campus with upgraded 21st century features, based upon recommendations through a charrette process which included a Hale Kula team, the DOE, the military, and the architects from Design Partners.

As part of the project, all the rooms in A through J buildings will be renovated.  Two layers of tile and the asbestos underneath will be removed during one summer.  The following summer, rooms will be re-floored and painted, ceiling fans will be installed, and new cabinets and shelves will replace the metal ones we presently have.

Hale Kula is the only school in Hawaii to receive funding for this project (only 12 nationwide were selected), and it was based on condition of the buildings as well as capacity.  We are fortunate to receive funding, and all of us who have been involved in the planning process are excited to see this project coming to fruition.

In January, Gary Willis who is the project coordinator, will be back in Hawaii.  We will invite him to Hale Kula to share about the project with our school community.  We will keep you informed re. the date/time for this sharing.

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